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We are part of the tapathon 2020:
Maureen Brown School of Dance in Caterham is very proud to be particpating in this year's tapathon 2020! Watch the video on the left or click here to find out more!

How to wear your hair for ballet...

It is important to wear your hair in a neat ballet bun for ballet class. It keeps you neat and tidy and even more importantly it keeps you safe. Here is a link to an excellent and straight forward tutorial about how to put your hair in a bun.

More than "Strictly"...

Darcey Bussell is the new judge on the BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing" but until her retirement in 2007 she was prima ballerina at the Royal Ballet. Watch the video of her performing Sir Frederick Ashton's "Sylvia" with the Royal Ballet here:

Tap Dancing - Paradiddles

Ever wondered where the name "paradiddle" comes from when you were dancing this very rhythmical step during your tap class? It is actually the name of a beat used by drummers and we have borrowed the name to describe the very similar sounding tap rhythm. Take a look at a drummer's paradiddle here and compare it to your tap dancing paradiddles!

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